The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Science


On a hot North Carolina day in August, I made my way to Coker Hall at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the first-year orientation of my biology graduate program. I walked into the room a little anxious for what the day (and, honestly, the next few years) would hold for me. I made small talk with the other new students in the room before the Director of Graduate Studies stood up and introduced himself. As my new classmates and I then went around the room introducing ourselves and explaining our backgrounds a bit, I started to become very intimidated. Some had master’s degrees already (which I most certainly did not), and most of them had very specialized undergraduate concentrations and coursework (which, I realized, I also did not). Majors included ornithology, biomechanics, evolutionary anthropology, and herpetology. My slightly panicked inner voice screamed, “Those are not even classes at Amherst, let alone whole majors!” Was I getting myself into something that was completely over my head?

Read the rest of this post  on the Amherst College Well Mixed blog! I spoke about the value of my liberal arts education as I pursue a career in biology research!


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