Researcher and Communicator

Writing a first blog post is pretty intimidating. What should I focus on? Should I be serious or more casual? Should I be thought provoking? Should I make jokes? Are my jokes even funny? The questions that I could ask myself are endless. Instead of getting caught up in such questions, I decided to put forth my thoughts behind starting this blog and explain what I hope will come of it.

Scientists spend a large portion of their days writing—writing grants, writing manuscripts, writing many, many emails—but I would guess that many scientists do not label themselves as writers. As I am trying to find my niche in my lab, graduate program, university, and larger academic community, I am finding that I would like to identify as a writer and make communication a priority of mine as I move forward in my research career. Communication is the keystone to collaboration, and collaboration within and among fields of discipline needs to happen in order for progress to be made. Additionally, communicating findings to the academic community allows research to expand and be built upon and communicating findings to a broader audience outside the realm of academia is essential to increasing the universal understanding of the workings of the world.

With this newly developed priority in mind, I would like to use this space to write about my life as a researcher and as a graduate student, to discuss recent findings in the field of ecology and evolution, to reflect on the state of research and academia, in general, and as I progress with this blog, I would imagine many other things. I hope to write content that would be interesting to those within science and academia but in a way that can be understood by a universal audience. I welcome any feedback, comments, or questions, as communication should never be limited to one voice. I hope to post at least twice a week; please check back for updates!



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